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A Whole Different World - David

Posted by H. Lori Schnieders on Monday, December 12, 2016 Under: Crossing Borders 2016

 I want to start of by describing how my Friday started off, I decided to visit one of my old friends in Amsterdam, he currently plays for the Ajax amateur team. I played with him my last year of high school so we shared memories while playing soccer. As we were heading to eat I was able to notice the difference in him, he seemed more focused on what he wanted to do and what was needed to achieve his goal. I ask him if we could go eat at a good restaurant, he took me to an all organic place which gave me a sense of what his decisions where for food "healthy food". We talked more on what he was planning for the future and I was satisfied to hear he even had a plan and was open to different ideas. I started of by explaining what I was doing in The Netherlands, which he taught was really interesting. He mentioned how he wanted to keep going to school and how he regrets not finishing high school, which he was going to do for next semester and keep pursuing his professional soccer career. This reason was my personal interest in seeing him, I wanted to share my experiences with him and encourage him to pursue an education.

Overall my day in Amsterdam was amazing, I was able to experience a whole different world that some people are not even able to witness. Being able to see the opinions on topics which vary over the world according to the difference behind every country was incredible. The more places I visit the more I understand that we are shaped by our cultural background yet we are all the same we just like things in a different way, we all love, we love music, love food, we love our family and many other things. As I was traveling on the train back to Alkmaar I was just going over all the things I wanted to accomplish and found more motivation with this trip to pursue my dreams. I am grateful for the wonderful experiences I will someday be able to tell my grandchildren of the first time their grandpa visited Europe. 

Thank You, Dr. Lori. 

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