dr lori

Almost at the half way point

Posted by H. Lori Schnieders on Tuesday, December 2, 2014
We have had a very full 2 days! We began the "intensive" part of our intensive week yesterday (Monday) at Inholland University in Alkmaar. Our mentors Melissa, Kary and Julia led the students and faculty in warm up ice breaker activities and team building exercises. The student groups began their work in the afternoon with a focus on bringing together the research and interviews into one manuscript while the faculty focused on planning for the week. Monday night back at the housing the American students and faculty cooked  spaghetti and provided a dessert of ice cream and blueberry and maple syrup, the German students provided a yummy salad and refreshments, and the Dutch students brought varieties of beverages to top off the meal. Laughter, guitar music and discussion filled the night with the music of three languages.

Tuesday morning found the group once again back at Inholland University hard at work on writing the papers and preparing their presentations for Wednesday afternoon. A weary crew returned to Schoorl for dinner in the village and back to the cottages for a bit more work on the presentations.

I promise tomorrow to share some thoughts from the students!