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Away we go -- Dawn

Posted by H. Lori Schnieders on Monday, November 25, 2019 Under: Crossing Borders

Away we go -- Dawn

DAY 1-2 (The First 24 hours)

Day of Travel 

            How did we get here? Well first it started off with evolution. No, no, no just messing with you. Well, at about noon we left the University and headed to Fredericton. Yes, dear Reader, we went to Canada to just go to another country. Wild, right? Then from Fredericton we flew to Toronto and this my dear reader is were the fun part begins. Our flight landed in Toronto at 7:40pm and our next plane began boarding at 7:45pm, which was all the way on the other side of the airport. We practically made a giant circle around the whole complex to get to our plane. Once on the plane, none of us had seating next to each other and were sitting next to people who took up too much room. Then we had dinner on the plane. The chicken, at least what I had, was an experience, but not in a good way to be expected. Honestly, its airplane food. Then, we landed and here comes the extra fun part, our luggage did not come out on the conveyor belt. Well, at least our luggage had a vacation, to Germany that is. I hope our suitcases at least come back with chocolate for us to eat. Most of us forgot to pack a spare of anything! The van reservation got messed up and our housing accommodations as well. We had to get a whole new outfit. Did I mention the Dr. Uriah Anderson was the smartest one of us all and packed all of his clothes in his carry-on and didn’t even check a bag. By now, dear Reader, you are probably thinking, “oh good, god!” In all honesty, I’m only explaining half of the story. Through all of this hardship the girls were amazing. Maybe we cracked one to many jokes and probably the most amount of jokes were about not having our checked bag. We were all super troopers, though. I am really proud of the level of positivity that the other girls had throughout this trip despite everything going wrong. 

 P.S. We get our luggage Sunday afternoon. I thinking I am going to embrace my suitcase, like a long-lost lover.

Your friendly mentor Dawn Johnson!

Stay tuned for more our dear Readers. 

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