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Brooks Big Adventure

Posted by H. Lori Schnieders on Tuesday, November 27, 2018 Under: Crossing Borders
Today is November 28th, and has it been a busy few days. We spent most of the day at the InHolland University working on our projects and the other part of our day looking for the restaurant where everyone was meeting and eventually getting some food into us. A few of us also did walk through Alkmaar, just to see how pretty the agriculture was, and it was so worth it. It seems that all of our papers are coming along beautifully. We are all almost to the conclusion part of things which means the next few days will be a breeze. We are making more and more friends here and trying to learn everyones names but pronunciation has been a challenge with most of the names. We have all been very interested in learning about other cultures and government systems because they are all so different from ours. We have made amazing bonds and have spent many hours socializing with on another. I am rather certain that no one from the other countries have the personalities like we thought that they did, everyone seems to get a long very well. Prior to meeting them in person we all had mixed feelings on how others personalities were going to be, but it is all working out. I am loving the views, foods, drinks, people, environment and much more, and this is only my fourth day here, we have seen and done so much. We have walked miles and miles just in amazement of this beautiful country. We have made amazing memories and connections. But, I can without a doubt say that Maine is home, and home is where my heart is. Brooke Hachey

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