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Dara Economy Sunday 11/26

Posted by H. Lori Schnieders on Friday, December 1, 2017 Under: Crossing Borders 2017

 Sunday morning we woke up from our first full night of sleep at Jamarco. We had cereal for breakfast and dressed warm for our day at the windmills. We met in Dr. Lori’s bungalow at 9:00AM and met Sammy and Tiffany who were our chauffeurs for the day. Tiffany and Sammy were students of crossing boarders last year. Before leaving, we invited the all students who arrived the night before and four German students joined. We piled into the van and Tiffany’s car and were on our way. At the Zaans Museum, we met two Dutch students there. We chatted and explored the windmills themselves and all the great shops. The windmills came in all shapes and sizes, yet they were all beautiful. It was windy and sprinkled on and off, but we were able to get warm in the shops. The crowd favorite store was the cheese shop. There were many cheeses out for taste testing and they all tasted amazing! Not only were these many flavors of cheese but they also had delicious chocolate and honey, both of which were up for tasting. After many pictures taken and hours spent at the museum, we got back in the cars and headed to the North Sea for a dinner with an ocean view. Ryan and Dara ventured towards the ocean daring to stick their feet in regardless of the fierce winds and waves. They came back in the restaurant freezing, however, Dara got an amazing picture out of it. Beginning dinner, the menu was in three languages so it was easy for each person attending. Friendships were beginning and we were getting excited for intensive week to begin. We shared many laughs and called it a day. Once arriving to Jamarco, we curled into bed to get warm and to rest.

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