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Dara Economy Monday November 27

Posted by H. Lori Schnieders on Friday, December 1, 2017 Under: Crossing Borders 2017

      On Monday we started our day having breakfast in our bungalow. We left the bungalow at 9:30 to get to the college at 10. The college was beautiful! There were live plants going up poles near the stairs and live pants that cover the walls. We first met some professors and a few students in the lobby. We were able to recognize some students from the video chats and introduced ourselves. Followed, all the students and professors met in the cafeteria. We mixed and mingled, put faces with names, and met our professors that we will be working with. Meanwhile coffee, tea, and small wrapped snacks for us to eat and drink. Then Hans Jon, the Dutch professor, passed out an itinerary for the week and talked to the group about what is expected. We then broke off into our small groups and were given a tour of the college guided by the Dutch students. Followed by the tour we had lunch with everyone in the cafeteria where we all ate sandwiches and Dutch bitter balls. 

               After lunch, all the students went to a room where we played an ice breaker game lead by Barbara, the professor from Germany’s school. All the students won a prize that was German swag such as pens and thumb drives. The groups departed their separate ways and worked together on their papers for the next three hours. 

               The best part of the day was Monday night. All students and professors met at the bungalow park to have dinner at the party room next to the bungalows. The dinner was prepared by all the students. The Americans made American chop suey, the Germans made sausage, sour kraut, and pickled potato salad; the Dutch brought two different pasta salads and pancakes, and the Norwegian’s brought the meatballs, drinks, and chocolate. After dinner was dessert which was brought by us because we ate ice cream with maple syrup and blueberry syrup. Everything tasted amazing! We started building friendships that night and learned about many individuals. It was quite something to learn so many similarities and so many differences from the students of the different countries.

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