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Every day a surprise -- Jose

Posted by H. Lori Schnieders on Friday, December 2, 2016 Under: Crossing Borders 2016

I have been 5 days in Europe now and everyday has been a surprising me. There are so many differences here in Netherlands from the United State. One big difference is that here they have roads for bicyclist. Almost everyone here owns a bicycle. The people ride their bicycles here in warm and cold weather. One thing that, I found fascinating are the canals. Everywhere I went, I’ve seen canals. The other night, I went to the city of Alkmaar, and the canals went threw the middle of the city. I found it very amazing.  I have not yet gone to the city of Amsterdam, but I am expecting to go before I head back to the US. I have heard from my colleagues that the canals there give a more unique appearance to the city. Also, the canals frequently appeared in the farms. People here do a lot of farming. The animals that I have seen in farms are mostly horses and goats. I hopefully will experience more in the next few days. It has been unique experience in my life. 

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