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First time in Amsterdam

Posted by H. Lori Schnieders on Tuesday, December 1, 2015 Under: Crossing Borders

12/1/2015—Jamie Moores-Lank

My first time on a plane, my first time on a bus and today was my first time on a train! Today was a great day spent with new friends! We worked on our research presentations to have them ready for our big day tomorrow of presenting; As the only mentor I spent today bouncing from place to place. I know they will be great because everyone has worked so hard on them. After working all day we spent the evening in Amsterdam exploring and taking all kinds of pictures to share.   This was truly crossing borders sharing new experiences in a multinational group exploring a multicultural city and I’m amazed at how beautiful Amsterdam is. The huge buildings lite up in the sky, there are lights lining the streets in all different colors. One could not help but stop and take it all in with all the colorful lights. We tried to step into every shop that we could -- but we did not succeed. There are too many shops to do all in day since it was very easy to spend not just a lot of time in shop but a lot of money!

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