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Guest post - Teresa from Germany

Posted by H. Lori Schnieders on Monday, December 12, 2016 Under: Crossing Borders 2016

Monday, 28th of November--

Teresa Rothe

Today is the third day of the crossing boarder trip, since we arrived on Saturday the 26th. It has been an exciting time getting to know everybody " for real". It is always interesting to meet people who come from other parts of the world. Everyone seems eager to hear what the other person has to say, whether it's about something typical of a persons region or country they come from or just "unique" things about themselves. Today is the first day where the entire "crew" came together, because not everyone arrived at the same time or joined the wind wheel museum we were visiting yesterday. So I enjoyed to say hello to the rest of my group which I only knew from the screen;)

The meeting took place in the Alkmaar campus of Inholland University-the place, in which the single groups will spend time to work together for their writing and presentation for the next view days. All instructors and group members gathered in a chair circle for coming together to introduce each other. A teacher, who takes part in CB for the first time, came up with the idea, that everyone is to imitate a "pumping together" with one person they don't know well yet "in an elevator". "During the ride", everybody explained who they are to the other person and introduced his or her partner they talked to later on to the whole group. It was amusing to see how everybody tried to remember their conversation in order to give a good introduction of the other person. I think that's a great way to get to know everyone since it is from the eyes of somebody else than from the own.

For Lunch everybody had a snack the university gave to us. Due to a self made dinner which took place that night, some where trying to figure out where to get certain ingredients they would use for cooking. Sure, every country has their own typical favored food. Maria, who's origin is Mexico, definitely demonstrated hers later on serving "Flautas de Pollo" at the bar of Jamarco. It was very delicious people loved it. 

After lunch all the groups came together and talked about their subject, making arrangements and planning for the next days. I feel so much more comfortable talking to each other face to face instead of to the screen. Let's see with what we will come up for the presentations on Wednesday..Back in schoorl, we went to the grocery and discovered this steep sand hill. There must be the sea on the other side! Well, we were wrong;) But we all agreed that sometimes this week we will have to go to find a way to the beach. Whether by walking or by bicycling...

The salad my friends and me made was almost to much I thought when I saw a big variety of food placed at the counter in the restaurant for the dinner meeting. There was also this Norwegian brown cheese I ate for the first time. It was very good I will never forget that taste. We had a good time tonight..

After an ice cream desert and spending some time at our dear teacher Lori's bungalow, my friend and me went for walk in a cold beautiful clear sky night. 

I am thankful having the opportunity to be here and wonder what yet to come this week at crossing boarders.

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