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Posted by H. Lori Schnieders on Saturday, December 6, 2014
Blog post: Cary Goodman --

A huggggeeeee thank you to Janine and her lovely family for welcoming us into her home and hosting all of us (15+) at her families' holiday dinner! Her family made us a traditional Dutch winter time meal of boerenkoolstamppot (cabbage with mashed potatoes and bacon), Hutspot (carrots, onion, potatoes and bacon), Zuurkoolstamppot (sour kraut, potatoes and bacon), and Rookworst (smoked sausage). And to top it off, a Dutch dessert called vlaflep and one came in the shape of a heart


Day 5: lunch at Inholland university- tried a traditional sandwich with a kroket, which is ground meat. Janine and Wendy shared that normally for lunch in Holland they have one sandwich with cheese, one sandwich with meat, and one sandwich with butter and chocolate.


The Dutch celebrate Santa's birthday this Friday. It is a holiday for them and they do similar to what we do on Christmas in America. They pronounce Claus as "claws" and their tradition is that he lives in Spain. They have a tradition that Santa comes a week before his birthday and knocks on doors at schools and works and then throws in candy without showing himself. He then leaves presents at the door and disappears. It happened this am at the University!!