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Rowan Hodgdon Wednesday November 29

Posted by H. Lori Schnieders on Friday, December 1, 2017 Under: Crossing Borders 2017

Today was the day that we had our presentations! Since it was going to be a pretty intense day of listening to a lot people talking and absorbing a lot of information, we were all allowed to sleep in. We haven’t exactly been getting up too early, at least in my opinion, but I prefer to sleep in until around nine or nine thirty, and we had not being doing that up to this day.

  It was a little crazy trying to figure out where to go. We got there in time to participate in yoga, but there are a lot of students. All the rooms we kept walking by seemed way too small to hold all of us. In the end we found the right room, but it was still too small for all of us, so yoga was a bit cramped.


Most of the groups wanted to leave lunch early so they could get in some practice time for their presentations. My group left after about half an hour to go find an empty room to practice in. We managed to find one, but we didn’t really run through the whole presentation. Everyone is supposed to watch each groups presentations, so we had to cut our run through short and go into the right room. After group two went we all went outside to get a big group photo. We took a few serious ones, and then a few silly ones. After that, we went back inside for the other two presentations. At the end of all of the presentations, we just were reminded that we’re doing another group meal tomorrow night (pizza!), and that we don’t have to come in until 9:30 tomorrow morning.

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