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Posted by H. Lori Schnieders on Thursday, November 29, 2018 Under: Crossing Borders
On Wednesday, November 28th, we gathered to present our research in front of the Crossing Boarders class and the professors. I am in group two which covers the topic of child abuse. We were told to make our presentations creative so it keeps the audience's attention. My group did a powerpoint with pictures that resembled different types of child abuse, and in most of the pictures, I was the child. Even though it was a serious topic, we made sure to keep it light in order to keep everyones attention and avoid any bad feelings that might have come up. After we presented the powerpoint, we had everyone play Kahoot, but we also made sure to keep that light and happy as well. Even though we only had a short amount of time to create it, all of the groups ended up creating amazing presentations that kept the audiences attention and got their information across that they needed to. Furthermore, being in Holland has been a great experience and has opened my eyes and mind to many different cultures and ways of life. All of the students have gotten pretty close to each other, which makes this whole experience even better. It would definitely be something I would participate in again if I could! Stay tuned for Kwi Nam, Sarah Klein

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