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Workday coming to the finish line 12/3/2015

Posted by H. Lori Schnieders on Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thursday 12/3/2015 Eddie Socker

         Last night after the presentation were over and after everyone had a wonderful dinner at the Italian restaurant in Alkmaar all of us we out for a bit to see the town at night. We took the 11:00 bus back to where we are staying and when we got back everyone wanted to hang out for a little bit. After hopping to around a few different bungalows we settled down in the Norwegians bungalow where Marius and I played the guitar and ukulele and jammed for a while. After a little bit Marius started to play silent night and we ended up singing it in all three languages.

Thursday 12/3/2015 Evan Davenport

         Today has been a long day that is not to say bad though. We woke up early and did some cleaning in our Bungalow and began packing so we have less to do tomorrow. Around 10:00AM we went to InHolland University to work in our groups on our research paper, we spent most of the day working and then at 4:00 the fun began! After class was over a group of us walked into Alkmaar to explore. We walked all over exploring and I am having such a difficult time putting into words how beautiful everything is. The buildings are absolutely gorgeous! Even the roads are nice. Cobble stone side streets that seem like alleyways are actually streets and bicycles and mopeds speed down them. I can not accurately describe how amazing this trip has been or how much it has inspired me to see more of the world than I intended to before. On Dr. Lori’s advice I think my next stop will be Scotland!