Crossing Borders

This international module focuses on ways to cross borders and bring-down barriers. The participants are students from  

The University of Maine at Machias; The University of Southern Maine Graduate Counseling program in the USA;  

The Hochschule Mittweida  a university of applied sciences in the district of Mittweida, Saxony, Germany; 

The department of social work and social care;  Bergen University College students and faculty from Health and Social Science, Bergen Norway; and 

Inholland University  of applied sciences and professional education School of Social Work Alkmaar and Haarlem The Netherlands.

The student and faculty participants cross borders in more than one way:

·       By cooperating with participants from other European countries and the United States on a joint project assignment.

·       By receiving support from native speakers when speaking and writing English.

·       By communicating in an international virtual community.

·       By comparing ways to empower and include social-work and counseling users in different countries.

I'm very proud to announce that after hours of hard work, I've completed the complation of videos I filmed in Holland during the Crossing Borders trip, set to the song "Amsterdam" by Imagine Dragons of course! Check it out Amanda Dickey.

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