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 What does the Fox Say is airing Mondays from 3pm to 4pm EST. (this is 8pm to 9pm in the UK and 9pm to 10pm in the rest of the EU)does the fox say will air from 3:00-4:00pm EST

One of our guest Readers Clifton Moser--here is a picture of Cliff reading a spokey Canadian folk tale for Halloween!

Guest Reader Tim Allen read "Room on a Broom" in Braille for us as part of the big Read project! Thank you Tim

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Wonderful recipes from the book "Everybody Bakes Bread" by Norah Dooley Illustrations by Peter J Thornton published in 1996 by Carolrhoda Books include:  Mrs. Ambrose's Coconut Bread (which I tried and it is yummy): Rajit & Sonjit's Chapatis; Mrs. DeLoach's Corn Bread:  Nabil & Amalia's Pocket Bread; Mrs. Max's Challah; Bernardo's Pupusas; and Great-Grandmother's Italian Bread. I highly recommend this book!!! ISBN 0-87614-864-X

Book with illustrations and CD of Carnival of the Animals by Saint-Saens commentary by Barrie Carson Turner and Illustrations by Sue Williams featured on the July 6th show ISBN 0-8050-6180-0

Music for 7/6/15: Carnival of the Animals by Saint-Saens; Thor by Patrick Doyle: Centerfield by John Fogerty;

Guest reader Dr. Jeremy Nettleton


What does the fox say: Children's radio hour is a new show airing live on WUMM 91.7 in Washington County Maine Monday night from 3pm to 4pm EST.  DJ Dr. Lori will be your host for the hour. The show is a combined format of music for and by children as well as reading books for and by children. On the 1/2 hour a weekly book club will be available for children to participate by calling in to the station. Teachers and librarians are encouraged to have their class participate and suggestions for the DJ are welcomed. The songs aired and books read will be posted after the show  as well as an occasional lesson plans for parents and teachers to go with the weeks theme.